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New NETMF Video on Channel9



Good to see some coverage on channel 9 for .netmf


Nothing really new for insiders, but quite interesting for newcomers.


5203 views in 15 hours is significantly more than I was expecting. There are tons of NETMF wannabees out there, or where are their community?


very nice that they (netmf team) are going more public and put some faces behind it. Finally !!


@ andre.m - I’m currently running a test and just works stable enough no errors … until 10:36 for 13 hours or so … there it stopped ???


I have a system out (G120 custom board + ENC28) that runs for days and weeks.
It makes constantly use of network as TCP client, TCP Server, and FTP server.
There are a lot of memory allocations, and therefore GC runs quite often (which I force about every minute, when a machine cycle has finished).
It runs with 4.2.11 (not fully sure about the 11).
So I think at least at that time network stability was really good.
I also heard that some changes in the NETMF core made for 4.3 were not the best for network stability.


What is with the Secret Labs love? They didn’t even say the name of the GHI boards!


@ andre.m - They said Secret Labs Netduino, but didn’t say GHI Cerberus or the name of the higher end board that was on the table connected to the display.


I agree, I actually only wanted a little more passion and fascination about the concept. A little more wauw would have been cool.


The marketing is important. At least they trying right.


That is exactly why. No offence @ GHI. I do like personalized names - Panda, Domino, Spider, Justin’s Octopus is very cool. But if somebody made a video with Panda in it on his blog, today newcomers to the platform will not be watching it. There is no Panda anymore. Blogs about Netduino on the other hand are getting more hits.



I did a google keyword search. Seems like NETMF is getting a lot less hit if compare to Intel Galileo :frowning:

I’m a fans of NETMF and would love to see it grow bigger.


@ jeeshenlee - Better marketing for a product that no one as yet uses.