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New modules preview, G400HDR as well


Here is something to do this weekend :slight_smile:

We like to share few pre-preview sneak peek at some of the new gadgeteer gear. More to come soon of course but we like to share these for now.

This is the G400 beta tester kit to be released soon. We are waiting on some tests before we release it.

This should be one of Cobra customers’ favorite



You’ve been busy! :slight_smile:

435 is included twice, last module 442 has no picture.


Double should have been 438

Couple do not have images yet as the boards are not in just yet


Awesome! Great collection!


you’re right, love the Cobra EXT module ! Battery is a wonderful bonus !!


That looks like a nice shopping list! Since the G400HDR beta kit isn’t listed as an Insider special will it be coupon eligible?


Nice - will also be interesting to see what the missing ID’s are - ie what’s 448 :wink:


This is going to make duke a happy man :slight_smile:


and his wallet lighter :smiley:


Awesome, I want them all :slight_smile:


Duke is a happy man to see all these uber cool modules, got my head spinning with ideas for them already. With these and all the other modules that folks are churning out its going to be a good time to be a Gadgeteer.


When can we purchase the stepper module?


May I know what accelerometer do you use in this module*(Accel G248 Module)? resolution? Noise level?


That stepper module does look good. As do they all.
I’m gonna be poor again.


Great work !


Very nice board!
Just a question : G400D has embedded MAC/PHY (like EMX) or need external ENC28 chip ?


@ andre.m - thanks


Bummer. I was too slow with my FM radio module… :slight_smile:

Looks good though, better than mine… :slight_smile: