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New module? Pico projector


Someone should create a module with this baby! ;D


Attach the video to any Pico Projector.


“They have really stepped it up with their new 0.3″ HD TRP, claiming 30% greater efficiency and 100% higher brightness over their previous best model. Better yet, the 0.3″ HD TRP uses 50% less power.”

I can’t make sense of this claim. Say I assume the previous model used 1watt. 100% brighter would indicate 2watts. But it’s 30% more efficient so it only uses 1.4watts. So how can it us 50% less power.

As this is a 720p chip and most gadgeteer stuff only supports 800x600 it would be overkill, but the idea of a Pico projector board is cool. Using the VGA board would increase cost, size and power.

Edit- these chips are not cheap. Just looked up the TI WVGA DLP chipset on digikey. Your looking at 130usd for the chip plus another 30usd for the BGA controller IC. Interestingly I’ve been following the development of the CASTAR AR glasses and they are targeting a 200ish price point for a system with 2 Pico projectors and a bunch of other stuff too.


@ hagster - brighter, as in more light on the screen is done by minimizing light loss inside the chip. Mirrors, lenses and everything the light has to pass on the way from the light source to the screen means less brighter and more heat. So it could be brighter without using more power.

The previous generation with lower resolution is cheaper, and I could see this module on my dashboard, projecting directions, music info, speed and so on onto the windscreen. Full color, graphical heads up display ;D