New Manual: Introduction to Gadgeteer

Almost forgot, I wanted to give everybody something to do this weekend… I have posted the start of a tutorial-based manual; designed to get the new user of .NET Gadgeteer to the point where they can play on their own. The book is incomplete (and rough around the edges). – I did not want to finish and find out I missed the target.

You will not hurt my feelings with criticism! On the other hand, we all like compliments. :wink:

Thanks ahead of time for any help!!!


@ Jeff - awesome to see some new Gadgeteer guidance.

I’ve marked up a copy of the PDF with some comments, if that would be helpful. If so, what’s the best way to get it to you?

Email, give Jeff something to do over the long weekend as well! ;D

@ Gary - Don’t have Jeff’s email, so hope you don’t mind, I just dropped you a note with the PDF if you wouldn’t mind passing it along to Jeff.


I think it’ll be a welcome addition for new Gadgeteers!

@ devhammer - thanks, I have no problem giving Jeff more work over the weekend! :smiley:

looks good to find new members

only if you dont want to, but possible ;D

Too true. Gadgeteer was my gateway drug to soldering. Had to build a whole new workbench just to support the habit. :slight_smile:

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@ devhammer - jeff DOT knaggs @ ghi…

Thank you.

@ Gary - my computer is down, i have no internet, i cannot type (I broke my last good hand), my house lost power, … I am hoping to be totally [em]up and running[/em] by tuesday

@ Jeff - if I had a boss like Gary, I would get my guitar and start singing union folk songs.

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@ Jeff - dont forget you are up north where there is no running water or electricity in miles.

You forgot “the dog ate my thumb drive with the documents.”


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Update to the draft Intro to Gadgeteer is available for review Still missing a couple sections that need pictures. I’m sure there are grammatical/syntactic issues.

@ devhammer - the mark-up on the PDF worked great. Most of the suggestions are incorporated!

As to 4.2? The basic steps are the same, but we really don’t want to support beginners on older SDKs. :wink:

Glad to hear it worked. If I can find the time, I’ll take a look at the updated version this week.

A bit disappointing on the 4.2 answer. There will be folks who, for whatever reason, can’t easily jump to 4.3, and it would be nice to have a way for them to learn the basics.