New Kickstarter - 2g/3g "cheap"?

More than just a module, obviously…

How long until an LTE version?

Very cool. I’m tempted, but it is a pity shipping is only in Oct. I guess in that case I will just wait and buy one when they become commercially available.

I was wondering if this spark has got any relation to the spark cellular network that also operates in NZ ( It would be very attractive to me if their SIMs would also work here. At the moment they list only USA and Europe but says more countries will follow soon. If NZ is among them, then I’m in!

I don’t think they’re related @ Kiwisaner. I suspect it’s all about how easy other telcos are to work with and get network access agreements in place. Kore Wireless have M2M deals worldwide, if that’s what you’re after.