New Job

Just FYI, after a year+ of working from home/living off of consulting only, I now have a full time job again. This time in New Zealand.

I don’t know if I should celebrate, or complain. lol.


@ mtylerjr - so we don’t know whether to congratulate you or not …

Well let’s be positive and go for the first one !

Oh, and if you run into a famous person from around here say hello will ye !!

GREAT! Now you have two jobs… Work and consulting.

@ mtylerjr - so, are you working for Justin? :wink:

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Why do you assume he would be the boss in that situation? :smiley:

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But the answer is no :slight_smile:

Hi mtylerjr. Where about in NZ? I’m on Auckland’s North Shore. Nice to hear our numbers here are growing.

Downtown Shaky Town. Well ChCh somewhere anyway :wink: