New internet comparision thread

I thought it would be interesting to see the speeds of peoples internet on the forum. To test your speed follow these steps:
[ol]Go to and click on begin test
When the test is done click on share this result
Copy the url and download the image
Then upload the image to a post[/ol]

My fibre optic home internet

My webserver running Windows Server 2008 r2:

Oh Dear :frowning:

Not too bad for an 8Mbit connection.

Don’t let Architect do this as his speeds are INSANE! i think he has the whole internet bandwidth available to him :smiley:

I used to have that speed before fibre optics. Architect no problem, he’s on Level3 backbone which is massive. My server on the other hand is on the backbone Cogent there are about 15 others sites on my server and it has 1 gbps bandwith so maybye if I wake up at 3 am and do a speed test I would probaly get the same speed as Architect.

FiOS in Northern VA:

BrightHouse fibre to the office

@ mhectorgato
You almost beat me.

It’s plenty fast for me (and our company).

Just got BrightHouse cable reinstalled at home - and it tested at 20ish.

My local public\private telecom gets me 20 Mb synchronous fiber to my home. Has been this way for 4 years now. I used to be way out in front, but everybody else is catching up and going by us. Still got most beat on upload. Very sweet service.

@ ransomhall
You actually have balanced internet unlike my home and server internet. Btw do you have any internet caps? I know I don’t.

It seems so far most people have >15 download speed.

Yesterday at home I had 6, today I have 20 (but it’s cable, and therefore shared bandwidth, so it’s rated at “up to 20”).

@ willgeorge
Why did you share your ip address to the world:)?


Oh well… I did not notice that!

Deleated for now.

Thanks for informing me!

Here’s my connection using Charter Cable from my apartment in Los Angeles

New Jersey FIOS 28/23 mbs

Mike that is pretty symmetric.

Hertfordshire UK - Wireless

Hemel Hempstead UK - Wired with Virgin Media