New Glide Multi-Line Display Object

For my current project I needed a display object that could handle multiple lines.
So I created a new TextBlock and called it TexBlockML. The number of text lines is based on the height of the object and the font size (calculated automatically). Each line is a string by itself (i.e. a long string does not wrap to the next line). When a new line is added, the lines scroll up and the top line goes off into space. I may add a history to the TextBlockML as I did to a previous non-Glide project.
Before posting the code I’m running it for awhile to make sure it does not crash.
And also to see if anybody else would like to use it.

Also, there is an easy way to add a border to objects like DataGrid, TextBox, TextBlock & TextBlockML. What I did was create a TextBlock that was 2 pixels larger on each of the four sides of my DataGrid, etc. Just make sure the TextBlock being used as the border is loaded first. At the current time, I have the border color black but any color will do.
If you want a title for your display object (DataGrid, etc.) then make the top of your TextBlock being used as the border a little larger at the top. This should be just large enough to hold a string (alignment should be top and line center).
I may add this border feature to my TextBlockML to keep from loading an extra object.

All of the above may or may not have already been done. If it has I didn’t find them.