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For some strange reason I have become interested in doing something in robotics.

Discussions of robotic subjects are spread all over the forum. I think it is an important enough subject to get its own area.

This would allow someone just getting started to scan all the prior robotics discussions in one place.


I agree, especially considering there is a robotics product sold here :slight_smile: I know it falls under the mini, but the mini isnt just a robot.

Nice idea Mike


All for it myself. Considering it mainly what i do with embedded electronics.




Cool gus, that was fast :smiley:

Is there any way for you guy’s to move the topic’s that already talked about the robotics to this new forum?



Very nice! I’ll start a few mega threads tonight…


Yes but then Josh will be moving threads instead of making us more cool features so I would say lets keep Josh busy with whatever he is working on now


Cool! Robots rule 8) :smiley:


okay, Gus, no problem.
I did not know Josh needed to do that. Otherwise i did not ask for that :wink:

Our hero (Josh) has already to do much to much