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New Feature! Enable topic notifications when you reply


When you post a reply simply checkmark Notify me when a reply is posted in this topic and you’ll get an email every time someone replies to the topic!


and let this now be the hardest topic to ignore :slight_smile:


anti-ignore :smiley:


the highlight of my day at the office is wasting time replying to posts i should be ignoring ;D


Lovely lol


I’ll be watching you like a hawk, Mr. Ignore Me. >:(


Where is my game slate pokey.


It will be here in time for Christams :smiley:

And the beta program will be starting soon (probably end of sept or beginning of oct). Beta will have Cobra compatible stuff. :wink:


…scratch that, all good now.


scratch what?


I had posted you broke replies b/c it wasn’t working, but then it worked.


Bump! Read original post :smiley:




Test :smiley: