New Disco429 v4.3.1 Build

If anyone is interested i am finishing off a new Disco port.

NETMF 4.3.1
Support for the external 8mb ram and 2mb flash

21x PWM
15x Analog in
2x Analog out
4x SPI (seems NETMF doesnt like more than 4…)
1x i2c

I am not going to bother with the on board TFT as i want to use the relevant pins for other functionality so v2 will have native SPI display support



@ Justin - So cool again … I’m definately interrested, but I’ve got the feeling you already knew that :smiley:

@ PiWi - Have you been able to build the 4.4 yet? I still keep 7 errors on STM32 builds.

use the @ #$%@ display !

@ RobvanSchelven - If you refer to the STM32F4DISCOVERY (STM32F407VG) then yes, but that is without deployment test and based upon the Support-GCC branch so with gcc and not MDK.

@ PiWi - So i guess you don’t mean the GCC / Dev merge from yesterday. I was able to build the F400 last week, but not the version from yesterday. I will retry with a fresh pull tonight.

@ RobvanSchelven - Have you seen any pigs flying ?

@ PiWi - ;D i guess i am blond today

Is that a German saying? ;D

BTW NETMF 4.4 running on my 407discovery board 8)

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@ andre.m - No display support on the STM32F407

So what do you think will be the answer to the question. Unless you live in a place with different pigs but I reckon the answer will pretty sure be NO. So that is the answer to your guess about using the dev branch when I mention the support-gcc branch.

It is a rhetorically question meant to reinforce a strong denial that is conveyed by an idiomatic expression which refers to a prototypically unlikely situation.

Got it ?

@ Justin - Is your port available on github or in binary form only?

@ PiWi - after git pull i got it :stuck_out_tongue:

Have changed the pins a little - added 2 more PWM and 1 more UART

@ Brett - missing your morning coffee? :smiley:

@ Architect - Binaries for now - source will appear eventually

@ RobvanSchelven - Mine too, even to be seen with MFDeploy 4.3.1 … up to the SDK build and see what it brings …

[Edit] Thank you CW2 :clap:

@ .Peter. - :clap: Cool… Yeah big thanks to all who made this possible…

forgot to ask this earlier, why 4.3.1 not 4.3.2 ?

Oh and yes, I was missing my morning coffee, how did you know ?! You’re psychic now ? How did you not know I wanted the display to work then?!?!? :snooty: .

Yes 8)

@ All - Has anybody got this latest 4.4 build installed and running on the STM32F4-Discovery and successfully deploy in VS2013 or VS2015 a project at all ?

I pulled the latest sources from github. Compiled FW and Deployed binary succesfully to the board but nor VS2013 nor VS2015 nor MFDeploy 4.4 are able to see the board. Strangely though, MFDeploy 4.3.1 and even fez config do not seem to have a problem communicating :wall:

I even changed the LEDs behavior after reboot to show 3 instead of 4 just to make sure, but no success.

Any ideas, suggestions ?