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New component shield and micro SD expansion


The FEZ Component Shield has been added to providing an array of simple connections for our growing list of components.

A Micro SD card expansion is available now allowing FEZ Mini to work with Micro SD cards.


Is it just me or is the component shield way over priced?


The JST connectors used are very pricey! The board itself is very simple and we would love for the price to be much lower but those connector cost too much! There are 21 connectors on the board, you can do the match :wink:


I know this is an old thread but since it is relevant to my question I will ask here.

I just pre-ordered a FEZ Panda and I plan on adding the SD card expansion. But I already have a SD card socket and I would like to use it (sorry to be cheap). My question may seem trivial but can you post the schematic for your SD card breakout board? Basically just trying to get an idea for what extra components you are using on it.


You do not even need any board. Get an sd card connector and run the wires to fez. We tell you what are the pin names. If you still not sure how, let me know


What are the functions of the Power Enable and Mode pins for the SD card breakout board?


Mode is not for SD

Enable is to control a circuitry to enable power to SD. You do not need this, just connect your SD power to 3.3V

I want some pictures when you get it to work :slight_smile:


Gus, I posted my Panda+SD video in the Panda forum. Good stuff.