New Cellular Modem Project is alive

I thought I would share my current project.
I got my first prototype board built and starting to test. It is based on the Mulit-Tech MTQ-H5-B01 Cellular SoM. ([url][/url]) The MTQ module includes a 3G modem and STM32F411RET processor on board.

It works with mbed and hopefully soon with .netmf. (Current testing is with mbed.)

The Ethernet chip is the W5500.
IO includes 2 - 100mA Sinking Outputs, 2 - Inputs, 2- Analog 0-10Vdc, RS485 or TTL (RX/TX).
It supports 24Vdc Input at the 2 pin terminal or through the Ethernet jack.
The display is the 128x32 OLED I2C from Adafruit.

So far the Outputs, Display and Modem work. Testing to resume on the remainder of the board as time permits.

The ultimate destination of this product is remote industrial monitoring.


I am working with MultiTech’s mDot and MultiConnect products.

How are you going to get netmf working on your MultiTech node?

Superglue and Duct tape +

@ skeller - I wonder if you could give me a hint at how you are doing netmf on mbed?

It works with mbed and hopefully soon with .netmf

@ terrence - Sorry for the delay. I have been away for awhile.
I am still testing the network interface with mbed before I move to .netmf. I have asked Justin at for assistance on the .netmf implementation.

Currently I haven’t been able to get the W5500 going yet. I haven’t spent enough time on it yet to determine if it is a hardware or software issue.

@ skeller - Well please keep me posted on your progress.

Any progress with this?

And btw is that cellular IO board available to buy/test?

WOW! Has it really been 1 month already!?!?!?! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

I have been doing a lot of traveling the last few weeks and have not been able to get back to it. I have one more trip next week then hopefully I can get back on it.

I was able to verify the basic operation of the modem, gps and the I/O. I have not been able to get the W5500 Ethernet working. I do not know if it is hardware or software yet. I need to hook my scope up and start checking signals. There might also be some software conflicts with mbed. Using the MultiTech libraries in mbed assumes the only network connection is the cellular gprs connection. I have to rework things to add the W5500 driver. I am not entirely sure I have done it correctly.

I will probably make the board available for purchase once it is complete. I have to do a 2nd revision and move a few connectors around.

This is for a customers application so I am motivated to get it done, I just need to be in the office long enough to work on it. :wink: