New announcement for Monday

Can you guess what it is?

Looks like the top of this…

@ ianlee74 - That was insider’s thread not everybody can see that.

My guess… KickStarter campaign for this new G400 Gadgeteer board. And hopefully with an excellent video to show the world just how cool this Gadegeteer stuff really is.

That’s why I didn’t actually guess. If I did would I be violating the NDA? :wink:

yes looks like the KS campaign, so Kiwisaner, good guess but I think not quite correct

I think it is the top of the case for the FEZ Watch!

FEZ Surfboard?

here is another hint

It looks like you are going to compete fiercely with Nintendo :wink:

I have been thinking that there is a need for a nice mount to the big LCD’s including buttons and a dial. Maybe even with some space for different modules inside a box? And a power supply built in?

Its starting to get a little like Apple marketing. No matter what it is, I want it!


I know what it is, i will keep quiet for the benefit of the larger community.

Best wishes !

When does Monday start in America? It is almost over here! Let us have it! Can’t wait any more! :slight_smile:

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@ KiwiSaner - Agreee :smiley: It’s monday till 11 hours! Come on guys :smiley:

I know what it is - so old news :whistle:

@ Justin - only 3000 more points to be as cool as you :smiley:

Show off!

@ dominik38 - lol