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Never say no to Panda!


I think they mean FEZ Panda :smiley:


Oh-oh. Do you have one of those in your office?


That is funny


So with panda this is fine but what you say no to hydra? :o


At the (same ?) supermarket : [italic]"… and while you’re at it, get one more of that Cerberus, will you ?"[/italic] ???


See where it is going. You started with Panda and then Hydra, Cerberus. What is next - Fez Diablo!? ;D


“Just you know why…”

I’ll be singing that the rest of the day. Thanks…


The guts said no more cute names like panda but I think the Cerberus we got OS very cute! Lol


Hopefully, someday soon we can all see it to be able to agree with you… :wink: :whistle:


Wow I didn’t realize the iphone spell check is changing everything I am writing! The “guts” instead of guys :wall: the “OS” should be “is”


Haahahahahah funny :smiley:

Never say no to android, Gus.


We know what you mean… :wink: