Networking is running more stable with freshly flashed firmware


I want report a strange behaviour which I have seen over the last month while developing an internet radio project with the FEZ Hydra. It seems that the networking is running more smoothly when I have just flashed the .NET MF on my device. Then when I am in development and deploying changes via visual studio again and again, there seems to a a kind of “sanding up” of my application. Is there a know bug somewhere which has a similar behaviour?
For me it looks like the delta deployment from Visual Studio is corrupting something bit by bit? Is that possible? Its the only explanition that seems logical to me. The errors which I get are mostly related to networking things.
Hm or is this another thing which can be summed up in the global context of “.NET MF networking problems”?

Thanks a lot for your ideas.


No mate, never heard of anything like that. It must be you or your code :wink: .

@ bret, i must admit that, for a long time, i have the same feeling as tester56723 I suspect, just suspect, that is has to do with the config memory that is effected

It is a very ugly behaviour :’( The problem is simply that your code behaves suddenly worse and you are innocent. It took me a really lot of hours to figure that out.
In my opinion it is not just a feeling, because I can reproduce it. Currently everything is running stable for hours after reflashing the firmware. Before this was impossible.

I never had this Feeling, when using G120 based devices.
But do you really Need to reflash the whole Firmware, or does a “erase application” (with FEZConfig or MFDeploy) and a new complete delpoy of your code work as well.

Maybe it is device dependent. Hm I have never tried to just erase the application. Next time I will give it a try.

Maybe it’s the power supply, please try a different more powerful power supply.

A new power supply did not influence anything. But the idea with erasing just the user application was very good. :slight_smile: The bugs are gone when do this erase before flashing the application…

@ tester56723 - Sounds like VS messes up with incremental deploys. Do you increase your assembly Version with every build (at least one of the 4 digit is a *)? Do you use any referenced libraries that changes, but Version number stays the same?

Does anyone know how to force VS to do a full deply instead of an incremental one without erasing the application with an extra tool?
This would come in Handy from time to time.

This is an interesting phenomena. Can somebody from GHI confirm this behaviour regarding incremental deployment?

My guess is that his is a pure luck. There isn’t any logical explanation to this that I can think of.