NetworkController.Enable() blocks the other tasks

How long should the Enable function take to complete and return? It is taking around 20 seconds on my board to return and in the meantime, the other tasks are blocked.

The WiFi module returns the version so hardware-wise, it is communicating at the physical layer.

Yes, it will block other threads, depend on how long the network ready.

Ah, that could be a problem. I’ll have to figure out how to show a message to the user when this is blocking.

One thing that makes development difficult is that once the network is enabled, the debugging becomes impossible and hangs if I try to single step the code.

ahh It blocks all threads?
So firing up another thread wont work?

Nope. I have 2 threads for serial communicatons and both of them block until the call to Enable returns. Enable is being called from it’s own thread too.

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Just like Dat_Tran said… yeah…bugger

Yucky but guess display a message before saying ‘This might take some time to complete…’

Hello guys, I’m facing the same issue. I need to keep kicking a watchdog but the enabled function block all the threads and the watchdog triggers turning off the board…
Any workaround that you find to make it not blocking?

We enable our watchdog after enabling ethernet.