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Network samples?


Indeed, I receive no message from wifi module such ActiveConsole …


You have the wrong pin, you have A0 which is the first pin on the analog Arduino-style header. You want PA0: FEZCLR.GpioPin.PA0.


You are the King ! I’m an idiot … It is working !

var _pa0 = cont.OpenPin(FEZCLR.GpioPin.PA0);

do perfectly the job !


I just acquired two FEZ boards from Mouser and needed to update the firmware on the WiFi module. All the instructions on the GHI site for updating the WiFi firmware ( are correct except for one missing step. Right before you plug the FEZ back into to the computer (use the computer for power via USB) after clearing the FEZ (Tinyclr Config works great), hold the reset button on the FEZ down, then plug in the USB power for the FEZ, then plug in the USB/Serial (TTL) cable, then start the ST Demonstrator GUI program. Keep holding the button until the ST Demonstrator GUI connects to the WiFi module which requires a few ‘Next’ button presses, then release the reset button and one can then program the WiFi with the newer code. In the GHI instructions, this button press and hold would be right below the picture of the serial wiring on the FEZ board. User’s choice, but I always check the verify download. The process took just a bit more than 15 minutes. Once I reprogrammed the WiFi, I was able to run the test programs and was able to pull down a webpage from Google using an unsecure access via port 80. No issues whatsoever with the WiFi or the board, so far…:slight_smile: Still working on secure access.


Thanks for the feedback. Keep them coming :slight_smile: