"Netted Out"?

I asked one of our hardware guys about the progress of a product and his response was “it’s netted out”, now I simply said OK and walked away. Now I must ask, what in the hell does “it’s netted out” mean? :wall:

May be he means the PCB is routed, since the connections are also called a net/network :think:

@ Reinhard Ostermeier - I’m not sure, I was just going to wait until later today and ask them for PDF or something just see where they are with it unless someone can say for sure what it means. If not, once I find out I will post back with the answer just in case someone else hears it.


that just means that the schematic was drawn (or partly) and the button was hit to transfer the schematic to the PCB document. Probably the designer is now looking at the PCB document with all the footprints clumped to a corner and the “rats nest” all over the place like a spiders web (or a ball of yarn that was handled by the cat).

The next steps will be to move the footprints around to the correct (connectors) and optimal position (short traces,less vias, impedence control blah blah)

…long story short … it is going to take a little more work for you to see the PCB routed

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When your boss asks you a difficult question, which you don’t want to answer, make up a short phrase which seems to be applicable. Your boss will then be reluctant to press further, or ask you what the phrase means, in fear of appearing to be old and out of touch.


lol…well it worked!

Thanks @ Rajesh

“We were web scraping for haptic clickbait, and our lead sandboxer completely crowdfunded our Hyper-V, so it will be a few days before I can get back to you, sorry”


@ Gary - just worry about the TPS reports and leave the engineers alone! :wink:

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Um, yeah, I am going to need you to go ahead and come in this weekend.

@ Gary - Don’t you touch my stapler!



Cool glasses! I have same model.

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[quote=“Architect”]Cool glasses! I have same model.

Thanks. Hard to beat them for the price. I think I paid $5-$6 for them on eBay a while back.

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@ ianlee74 - What are those glasses for?

For looking awesome! :dance:


Self Eye surgery with laser pointer :whistle:

@ Mike - I though @ Gus’ answer would have been obvious… :cry: They’re also useful for looking at very small things like the writing on tiny chips and inspecting PCBs.

Thanks. Hard to beat them for the price. I think I paid $5-$6 for them on eBay a while back.

That is exactly what I need! Eyesight is slowly giving out on me and trying to read those chip id’s is becoming very hit and miss.

@ Sprigo -

I’ve found that the higher power reading glasses from the dollar store work quite well.