Netmf vs MicroEJ


I’m discovering the micro framework world, and I’m very hurry to start my first deployment.
But, I need to compare existing solution before lauching myself into this new technology.
I discovered also an equivalent solution with Java and the MicroEJ framework.
Does somebody know difference between thoses two plateforms?

I would like to develop in C# but I have to convice my client that is the choice to do?

Help will be apreciate

Thank you

Welcome to the forum!

You need to compare alternative solutions against your specific requirements.

Asking a general question, on a Micro Framework forum, will only result in biased opinions. :slight_smile:

Is there hardware available with MicroEJ? Does it support run time debugging (stepping in code and inspecting variables)? What IDE does it work with? Does it have built in services outside the scope of the interpreter, like TCP/IP image decoders, graphics and fonts, SSL, WiFi…etc? Is the code available free and open source? Are there commercial companies using it?

When it comes to NETMF, our answer to all above is yes and even more :slight_smile:

I wondered, so I looked. The answers are, apparently, yes, Eclipse, yes, dunno, and probably, in that order :wink:

Not really interesting to me, but they do seem to have an RLP-ish sort of option.

It doesn’t look like they have any turnkey solutions other than one for the STM32 evaluation board from ST (not the Discovery board, the expensive board).

In my experience, when you see “call us for pricing information”, it usually means, “we don’t work with anyone buying less than a million units, so don’t bother”