NETMF port to Raspberry Pi

Someone has started a netmf port to linux on Raspberry Pi. The project is here: GitHub - GerardSoleCa/IOSharp-netmf-Linux: Porting MicroFramework for embedded devices to Linux Devices capable to run C# Code
This is far from end but the idea is promising.
I don’t know anything about linux so I can’t tell how difficult the port is.
The RPI hardware feature a camera interface that I really want to have on NETMF!


So is this akin to Mono?

Interesting. I don’t see any TinyCLR port for Linux there. May be he didn’t committed it yet.

Thanks for sharing.

Mono can work on RPi but I think it’s not easy to use hardware IO with Mono.

It’s just a start. Let’s wait and see.

The is already a Linux port for NETMF. Prorting should not be too hard.

For me, the interesting part is the camera module.
There is no equivalent for NETMF.

High res? What do you mean?

The RPi camera is 5MP.
I would like to have at least a HD camera (1920x1080) and a 5MP would be appreciate.
This is for still images. I don’t really need H264 video but it could be usefull to control a video recording based on some sensors.
On a gadgeteer point of view, a camera module should have its own memory, probably a SD card, and its own specialized processor. The images could be read by SPI if a SD card can be shared(?).
To get a correct image from those cheap phone camera module, you need specialized lens correction (and noise reduction, HDR enhancement…) and compression done by a specialized processor engine. As you know, the imaging hardware is very closed. No documentation or components availables. And those components are BGA. Not for a hobbyist…
All still camera can do that, but it’s not available as a module.
On the other side, there is lot of miniature video camera (like keychain camera) that can not make still images!

I looked at the code here:
There is no GPIO, no SPI, no I2C, no UART (redirected to stdout an stdin).
Although it’s a good base to structure an os port, it can’t be used as is.