NETMF performance on moderate/high graphics application


I’m planning to build a GPS device with a 7" screen with a touch panel. I want to develop a rich UI using the netmf wpf library. I already have experience with WPF and planning to create my own controls.
Some of the screens will have animated UI. I’m talking specifically about the page that’ll render the map and update the location in real time.

So my question is, do you think that netmf is good for such applications?

For the hardware, I’m thinking of using STM32F4

Here’s an older (2012) project (Pipboy) from Skewworks - it’s using a smaller screen, so that may impact performance.

Nice one. but the project in my head have much richer graphics, it’ll read mapping data from OSM database stored in ssd.
Also, I’m not sure which microcontroller/cpu he used in that project.

@ marwan - If you doing any serious processing and/or rapidly updating a large screen, I would go for the Raptor.

If you are using a SSD, then you need a board with USB Host support.

I did something very similar, but using maptiles stored on an SD card.

It’s nice to have lots of RAM to provide a fast cache and also a dedicated LCD driver rather than I2C to offload the graphics comms.

With a G120 I could get it to scroll at about maybe 5hz with some overlayed graphics and text. Using the Raptor it was very fast and smooth. This was all without using RLP

This was on a 480x 272 screen. I guess a screen with more pixels would create more difficulty.

hope it goes well.

Thank you. I think the raptor is the way to go.