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NETMF on a tablet


I was just wondering… Could it be possible to port NETMF (and Glide etc.) to a 7" tablet like this?

I mean, $59… you can’t even buy the WiFi module for that in our hobby world. Something like this could make a nice platform for experiments in electronics.

Don’t look at it as a low level tablet… see it as a high level embedded device (for cheap). I can think of a million uses for it if it was easily programmable with NETMF.


It could be possible, but why bother? You have on the tablet Android with Java and a very large set of functionality implemented (compared to NETMF).


Not possible.

Not without schematics etc.

I have this pad:
Can’t get WinCE compiled for it, not one that boots anyway.

The problem is that you don’t know how the memory is connected, or buttons, LCD, battery management…

And be warned. You get what you pay for. If you crash the pad in any way, then you are on your own, no support. Even if Android crashes all by itself…

I think my pad was a copied device that never launched. So they don’t even have the firmware other than what is on the device. No updates etc…


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