NETMF, Gageteer, or Both?

OK, so I’m new to NETFM (and Gadgeteer).

I got a just got a Cobra III board and I’ve started working with it. I assumed that because a Cobra III board has no Gadgeteer sockets, I don’t have a Gadgeteer device, but rather just a NETMF device. But as I proceeded through the NETMF_for_Beginners.pdf documentation, and I got to section [em]4.3 Using the Hardware[/em], I went to properties, set the transport to USB, connected my board, allowed the drivers to load, and then – my only option for a connected device is G120_Gadgeteer.

Now I have a concern. During one of the installations I performed, I remember bypassing (or deselecting) options for Gadgeteer libraries because, at that time, I thought I did not have a Gadgeteer board. Now the Device indicates I have G120_Gadgeteer board.

I’m confused. Will I eventually need Gadgeteer stuff (even without any Gadgeteer sockets)? When I connect hardware to this board, will I use Gadgeteer software methods, or will I use only NETMF software?

Thus is just the device name. You can safely ignore it.