NETMF FTP Server - what hardware

Dear friends,

Please, what hardware was used in “NETMF FTP Server” link: [url][/url] of authors AUTHORS Skewworks ?



FEZ Cobra

But you can use anything with EMX module on it, spider or dev sys.

Any reason it wouldn’t work on a Panda-II w/ Connect Shield? Data is streamed from SD card. So, it should be able to handle it.

network on small devices is dependent on W5100. code will work but with minor modifications

uFTP Server on fez panda ii w/W5100 also works fine. i am using… but minor modification required…

Judasis: what modifications?

first of all you should change network configuration. use ghi library. i disabled netbios properties, because i don’t need it. if you wish to see my code, i can send you.

Hi Judasis

I´ll be grateful if you could send me your code
my email is: marcelo.camposs182 at gmail dot com



@ Judasis
would you mind sharing it with a greater community? Like on the code section?