.NetMF for MBed boards

I found a new Codeplex project.

New .NetMF Port for MBed boards on Codeplex:

First Edition support: RZ_A1H Cortex-A9 CPU



Nice. I have been eveying this processor for a year now. They ar supposed to release the parts with 10MB of on chip SRAM. Potential to create a SOM that supports graphics with just the MCU and an external SPI flash chip.

I think the Peach board will ship with the 3MB SRAM on chip,

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Oh, this is interresting, any idea if further boards will be supported … like Nucleo with 411RE ?

Hmmm, and I would like to see a .NetMF Port for a NXP4088… 8)

For the Nucleo fans https://www.ghielectronics.com/community/forum/topic?id=18764&page=1#msg185809

with a big thank you to @ Justin

Very interesting chip. I wonder if this port will make it to the Github repo.

Interesting that you say that. I have seen several ports start, be active for some time and then go down a dark hole.

Looks like there is not enough incentive for folks to complete a port or maintain them. I wonder why, is it because people loose interest ? or there is no return on investment ?

The person working on this port “ksekimoto” has also created ports for the FM3 and the Renesas RX.

Does this mean someone (Justin? PiWi?) has ported the netmf framework to this device…

and are these instructions sort of relevant ie can we use the STM32 ST-LINK to burn the bootloader…

@ Peter Kenyon - Now that’s what I’m strugling with, I can’t get the binaries from @ Justin onto the Nucleo-411RE board … when I connect the boot0 with vdd the connected pc does not react at all and doesn’t show a device in dfu mode … :wall:

The 429 discovery board I did and got netmf to work but not the Nucleo … :think:

that’s a shame, anyone out there know how to get it to work ?

@ Peter Kenyon - Now don’t give up on us yet, you hear …

I’ve managed to get the binaries over to the Nucleo by using the ST-Link Utility and renamimg the ER_FLASH and the ER_CONFIG to get an extension .hex and I extracted Tinybooter.hex from the DFU file, burned them to the Nucleo but it somehow still thinks it is a nucleo and not a netmf board :wall:

If I look at the memory (with the ST-Link Utility) it definately shows NetMF stuff but neither MFDEploy nor Fez-Config sees the device. Only a serial port and that’s not pingable, if USB selected in the tools nothing is detected :wall:

As they say … to be continue … we are NOT giving up that easy …

FWIW: No piece of electronics has controlled me yet … it’s me controlling them or they meet with a real hard place … in the end I win :whistle:

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Good stuff PiWi, I think ill order the board in anticipation of your cracking this.

Oh, I’m doing the field tests only with getting the binaries on the Nucleo and get it working somehow …

Any luck getting this working?

I’m assuming the steps from STM32F4 Discovery Board running .NET MicroFramework - singularengineer.comsingularengineer.com you linked to earlier don’t work

I’m also very interested in getting the NUCLEO-F411RE to work with .NetMF. I want to get a STM32 based board that allows me to explore as many options as possible, such as mbed, existing Arduino shields, and .NetMF

If you (the experts 8) ) can get .NetMF to work on the F411RE, and provide the steps here for me (the noob :-[ ) to replicate, I can order the F411RE board ;D

After some struggling, my nucleof411re is running netmf, kind of …

What I did:

Made myself a USB breadboard adapter cable
Connected pin PA11 through a 22 ohm resistor to USB Data-
Connected pin PA12 through a 22 ohm resistor to USB Data+
Connected ground of Nucleo to ground of USB
Connected pin PB2 to a 10K ohm resistor and than to ground

Did a lot of struggling … but finally

got the nucleo in dfu mode by connecting the boot0 pin to VDD, use DFU Tester to burn loader and MfDeploy for the rest and voila …

… the downside is that my VS2013 does not recognize the board, although MfDeploy and FezConfig do :wall:

As they say … to be continued …


the continued story:

Figured out that I had NetMf 4.3 Beta and 4.4 installed. Removed it all, re-installed NetMf 4.3.2 and rebooted …

And met with a surprise …

The Nucleo411RE is detectable and running NetMf …

But if you want to use it this way is … well, up to oneself … I’d rather take some oxygen …

…and another story to tell …

After reading the user manual, it mentioned that the board can be powered externally with 5V (E5V) on the board. Set jumper JP5 to the most left two pins.

Furthermore, the user manual states the small part of the PCB can be cut off, well, of course it can be cut off but my board didn’t work anymore after that operation. So I had to make the second Nucleo NetMf saffy with now powered by only one USB by using the external power connection.

Again the same steps as before but added the USB VBUS to pin 6 of CN7 and moved the ground to pin 8 of CN7 as well.

Followed the same instructions as can be read from the Cerberus developer guide to update the bootloader but exchanged the loader.dfu with the one for the STM32F411RE. Used MFDeploy to deploy the ER_CONFIG and ER_FLASH files for the 411.


Made myself a little Blinky Demo and deployed to Nucleo and voila, working again …


And the final part.

After reading the user manual on page 22, I realised that without various changes to the my cut off st-link part board will never work. So off and ordered some crystal and capacitors of size 0603. After getting them I was quite, ehm, overwhelmed by the size of the capacitors, I mean you couldn’t barely see, let alone solder them. Well, I kind of succeeded, hand soldered those little part to the board and the crystal as well. Leaves to remove SB54 and SB55 (was already open on my board). Made SB50 to be opened as well and in the manual is the mention of SB16 but that is on the cut off board, so that was easy. Furthermore, replaced the 0 Ohm R35 and R37 with little wires. Checked everything again and hooked up the USB as previously mentioned.

And to my surprise it worked:

NucleoF411RE without ST Link part - YouTube


Hi Peter,
following your advices i was able to load tinybooter to my f411re, but then, i’m sucked, mfdeploy don’t show my device, i’ve to change drivers?
i’ve tried both STM32F4_WinUSB and the driver from st discovery, but nothing, the mfdeploy window stay blank.
i’ve burned different versions of tinybooter, one built by myself and two other found around for f411re. but nothing…
i’m connected with usb as you described and the device shows correctly.
i’ve also check with dfu tester and it shows all the information…

could you help me in go further?