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.NetMF for BeagleBoard?


Anyone working on a .NetMF port for the BeagleBoard?

Looks like pretty decent hardware and LiquidWare has a ton of accessories for it. (They have quite a few Arduino compatible accessories as well.)



Pretty fast processor but also very much complicated. I would love to see NETMF on that board


I like the BeagleBoard, but the one thing that has been constantly putting me off from it is the lack of onboard Ethernet. Otherwise, I would’ve gotten one ages ago.


@ Chris: Looks like there’s a version with Ethernet on board, faster CPU and more RAM:



That’s pretty cool. I remember I looked to see if they did, but I only found the “shield” that added that functionality. I think a BB NETMF port would be pretty cool.


1Ghz NETMF system, I would buy one :smiley:


Me too, although I wish someone would come out with a higher powered board. Sticking to the same chips is great, but sooner or later ya gotta branch out :slight_smile:


Does .NetMF have a x86 port?


You mean the emulator? :slight_smile:


No, he means if NETMF will run bare metal on X86 hardware.


Lots of little Atom based computers showing up … just curious.


With Atom or similar are we not stepping into the Windows CE and .NET Compact Framework domain ?

We need to watch for the boundary lines for each platform, someone might want MF on the PC :slight_smile:

My .02 cents


Agreed. At some point, I’d rather have a small Atom board connected to a Panda via USB, than a less-powerful more restricted board. Could easily handle most communication needs via GPIO/I2C/etc with the Panda, and have all the processing done on the host.


Are there license limitations for where .NetMF can be used?




There is a port of CE for the BeagleBoard so I reckon most would go w that or a linux distro but I agree NETMF on that chip would rock


Who did the CE port? Where can I find more details?


You can find out more right on BeagleBoard’s homepage. Here’ s a link to a specific project page that should be of interest:


Video Link of CE running on BB


Now that I have been coding for NetMF for awhile, I’m much more open to WinCE. Thanks for the info.