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So my dad purchased a SUV the other day, and the topic came up of GPS tracking it. Eventually the conversation got to the idea of immobilizing it electronically. This is where I suggested that a key FOB could be used to activate the immobilizer. However, I wanted to use NETMF inside the fob as well. Is that even practical? The STM32 series can physically fit but would that be a waste?

NETMF in the vehicle is a given though.

Is there a GPS module that small?

Is the idea that you would immobilize it via the Internet? Why not just use a phone app?

@ ianlee74 - Sorry; the idea is immobilize via Nordic Radio to the device hidden inside the vehicle.

So, you would have to be in line of sight of the vehicle to immobilize it. Is this basically a fancy door lock or are you trying to immobilize a stolen car? This seems almost useless for the later. Perhaps a cellular module in the car and use SMS to immobilize.

Otherwise, if you want to cram NETMF in a FOB that sounds like a great G30 project.

@ ianlee74 - Yes, you would have to be within the vehicle, or close to it. The device inside the vehicle will have the ability to immobilize via SMS or internet, however instead of setting a car alarm or reaching for your phone to send the command, you can send the command via the key fob.

See my dad can’t actually use a computer, in fact he just got a smartphone and is still learning. He can’t send SMSes well either. So to simplify things and to protect the car while it is in vulnerable places (like the mall parking lot), he should be able to immobilize the car with a simple remote.

Does the car have a FOB for the locks already? Maybe just tap into the locks signal and use that instead of two FOBs?

No, it doesn’t have an alarm, and it uses a classic key in the ignition.

How old is this SUV? Most vehicles here in the UK have an RFID tag in the ignition key to imombilise it anyway. If it doesn’t you can get an insurance approved imobiliser fitted by an insurrance approved fitter you can get cheaper car insurance. Although these days I’m not sure how much it saves you. Car theft is a lot less common than it was in say the mid nineties.

Also do you really want to be the one to have to go fault finding on your dad’s car when it won’t start at 6am.

@ hagster - I actually don’t know how old it is. Also, here in this country: 1) Insurance companies don’t roll that way 2) Car theft is pretty rampant. People even sell you use cars in one part of the country, steal them back, and then move to another part of the country… wash rinse and repeat.

I don’t mind at 6am, after all its my dad. Further, since the system is connected to the car, it can read the error codes that may come up and he (with alot of work from me) be able to see on his smart phone what kind of error it is. Normally mechanics charge $15 USD (equivalent) just to plug in the diagnostics computer… and they still give you the wrong information. That last part happened to my dad already. Waste of $15 USD (equivalent).

May i ask what country?

@ njbuch - Er, not at this time.

Like dah… The Matrix :smiley:

My ultimate car project idea:

Automotive telemetry and security
If the car starts, and your phone is in BLE range, then do nothing.
If the car starts and your phone is not in BLE range, send a theft alert and start sending GPS data.
If the unit receives a specially crafted SMS message, immobilize the car via an immobilizer relay or CAN messages.
Send SMS texts for CAN error messages (low tire inflation, check engine, etc.)
While running, collect GPS data and CAN-based telemetry. Download when near home or any open Wifi access point.

BOM: NETMF MCU, power management and battery backup, GPS, GSM/GPRS, BLE, CAN and optionally a stock immobilizer relay if the car doesn’t have an existing one.

I did some prototyping, but shelved this because I am moving to the US in the near future and already know I need to sell my car, but this project remains on the list.


@ mcalsyn - Sounds like a great idea.

Where are you moving to in the USA?

Come live in Austin, TX. Tech is really hot and we need more really smart people here.

@ terrence - The Pacific Northwest, near a little software company up there in Redmond.

I’ve been to Austin a few times and quite liked it! But, I need to be close to the mothership (for at least a little while).

@ mcalsyn - Got it. We will leave the light on for you down here for later.

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@ mcalsyn - This is pretty much what I wanted to do.

I’m not sure I understand the fob or netmf-in-a-fob part then. You can do it all with just your phone and netmf lives somewhere in the car, so it can be almost any form factor - in fact a solution as described would probably live in multiple pieces throughout the car.

My understanding is that he basically wants to add electric door locks so that he can immobilize the car from a click of the FOB instead of having to worry with an app to send the specialized SMS every time he parks the car. I can certainly understand this. Imagine if you’re parking in an area with little or no cell coverage. Also, a FOB is just more convenient than pulling out your phone and opening an app.