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Netmf development tools


Got my hands on a 'duino pro and have made some lights blink. The dev experience left me feeling like a “deer in the LED headlights”. C# in VS2010 is lightyears ahead of what I just finished doing. I was reminded that intellisense is my best friend.

Which made me wonder if anybody else uses a non-MS dev tool as their primary netmf dev environment for FEZzing?

For those using VS, have you found any extensions that are geared towards doing embedded development? If not, we should make one! I would be psyched to have a tool that would help with the electrical engineering aspects of embedded development. e.g. a resisitor color calculator, basic math functions for building a circuit, etc…


You can hook up any tool using Tools>External Tools… dialog box.


Yes, in another process. I was thinking more of a contextual menu and/or dialog. There are tons of useful new extensions popping up for VS, some with very specific functionality for a given design pattern or framework. Something as simple as a collection of GHI specific code snippets would be a start.

I’ve been looking for an excuse to write one and am trolling for ideas here…