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.NETMF contract programming job - $$$


Looking for a EMX / ChipworkX .NET programmer for an industrial control application. Additional work in the future if the work is good. Straight programming - Icons, pictures, screen mockups with be provided.

One of the main considerations is User Interface responsiveness - Looking for someone who can code things VERY efficiently in terms of perceived quickness. For example - Let’s say an onscreen keyboard is required. Instead of using the built-in WPF routines and having every key be a separate object, which is elegant but slow, perhaps you would construct a static bitmap of the entire keyboard and then figure out the key pressed based on the touch coordinates reported to the bitmap. Additionally, you might do some experiments with the Touch Update Rate to minimise the delay while not taking up too much of the processor power.

Other tasks: I2C comms with the coprocessor, IP networking, In-Field Firmware update, file retrieval from USB flash stick.

If this sounds interested, please email me (dolphin AT gill DOT net) and I will give more details. Just to be clear, this is a paying contract for money.



The guys at GHI may have a good story for you! We have already done what you are asking for internally. Using WPF gives you flexibility but response time is very bad :frowning: GHI have made their own graphical interface.

You should contact GHI directly to get more details.