NETMF build overview

Can anyone point me to doc on the build process for NETMF projects? If I were a tool vendor, where can I insert myself into the build process food chain?

It appears that the C# source code is compiled to IL by the normal C# compiler, and then the IL is post-processed by NETMF tools such as “MPP”. Where can I get more details on this level of NETMF operations?


There is not much information about that. Some good blog entries on NETMF site. Porting Kit source code and documentation (outdated) . Few other blog entries and how to articles on internet.

The is a book Applied .NET Attributes which has a chapter on extending the compiler, if I recall the authors implement some AOP extentions. It is an old book, but might be an interesting place to start.

@ taylorza - What does that have to do with the NETMF build process?

Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) framework often inject themselves into the build process, which is the case for the version implemented in the book I referenced. Looking at that will give you some insight into the build process.

@ taylorza - Ok, thanks.