NETMF board production pictures

If you are interested in how a board is produced: Pascal has put together a couple of pictures/videos of the production steps for our new Limmat eval board:



So, now that you have a couple assembled where can I get one? :smiley:

@ Cuno - Nice looking board. What is the specification?

More detailed specs will be published in January, but it’s an STM32F427 plus a u-blox LISA-U200 3G world modem.

The idea is to license the design of this board, therefore we can customize it in many ways: form factor, MCU model, modem, antennas, protocols to be supported, etc.

So far we have produced only a handful boards, to make it possible for prospective licensees to test the boards.

A few more gadgeteer sockets and you had a winner :wink:

Which modules would you connect?

I have a current prototype based on the Cobra 2 Eco with extender, with Camera, Cellular module, 4 hall sensors (4 x i2c interfaces), Motor driver L298, 4 buttons (GPIO with interrupts) and an LCD.

Some of this could be consolidated into fewer modules in a final design, but thats not the Gadgeteer style of working. I normally have too few sockets in my designs. If its real gadgeteer it has many sockets, or at least a type of gadgeteer extender thingy…?

@ njbuch It’s really a quite specific gateway design, between BLE peripherals (initially: BLE beacons) and the Internet. Thus it serves different needs from a general Gadgeteer mainboard. We also have no plans at this time to use the Gadgeteer libraries, just plain vanilla NETMF.

The provided Gadgeteer sockets are mainly there to give some flexibility for development and debugging purposes.

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@ Cuno - Yep, I had an idea it was the gateway thingy you were showing off…