NETMF 4.3, where is Util class?

I had a code at 4.2:

Util.BitmapToBMPFile(LCD.GetBitmap(), 320, 240, bmp42);

But now i got errors,
what do i need to include and where?


@ bioengproject - It think it would be helpful for you to tell us what steps you used to try to find the method in the GHI documentation. I found it in very quickly. Knowing how you searched may provide insight that can be used to improve support.

OP wanted native NETMF not Gadgeteer.

I should have read the title of the thread! :-[

Util.BitmapToBMPFile netmf 4.3



And that’s about it.
So, where is it?

@ bioengproject -

[quote]And that’s about it.
So, where is it?[/quote]

I went to the support section of the forum. Found the GHI R3 library documentation, opened it, and saw the GHI.Utilities namespace, opened it, and say saw the BitMaps class.

It would be worth while to go through all the classes in the GHI library documentation, to get familiar with what is available, and where it is located.

@ Mike - K, Thanks.

@ bioengproject -

I think you want.

using Microsoft .NET Micro Framework 4.3 (QFE2)

References GHI.Hardware
using GHI.Utilities;