NETMF 4.3 Maximum Assemblies

There wouldn’t by chance be a maximum of 64 assemblies loaded which also does not reset if those assemblies are removed from an AppDomain would there?

This would seem to be the case. I could understand having a max assembly count but if they’re loaded into a new domain and that domain is then removed shouldn’t the count be lowered to reflect the removed assemblies?

BTW this happens even if you were to load the same assembly, unload it and repeat. Which could (under silly circumstances) limit you to 1 additional assembly…

@ Skewworks - In NETMF there is a maximum of 64 assemblies:

A quick look at app domain unload doesn’t look like it lowers the count but I’m not 100% positive.

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@ John_ghielectroncs - I’m fairly positive it is not. Thanks for confirming the 64 max assemblies for me. Please let me know if the count after unload will be addressed. I’ll work around it for now. :slight_smile: