.netmf 4.3 install stops on "checking launch conditions"

Topic says it all,

micro framework 4.3 sdk won’t install :frowning: - stops on “checking launch conditions”. Anyone seen this? It’s on a new laptop I got from work, I suspect it’s heavy on the security-side but still… All the other MS stuff installed without issues. Got VS 2010, 12, 13…

You have VS 2010, 2012 and 2013 insatlled in parallel? Not that this isn’t possible, but why.
On my Computer I have 2012 and 13 installed, 2012 for NETMF and 2013 for other Projects.
I have installed it in that order:

  1. VS2012
  2. NETMF 4.3
  3. GHI SDK 2013 R3
  4. VS2013
    That works without any Problems.

May be NETMF SDK 4.3 does not like VS 2010 to be installed :think:

It’s a requirement from work - I can’t change that I’m afraid.

I tried the 4.2 sdk but the laptop throws up on that as well, same error. Damn… :frowning: Thanks for your reply.

@ harleydk - New job is it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Could this be the situation where a prerequisite is the installation of .NET 3.5?

Yessiree, got the one I was looking out for, so all’s cool :-). Well apart from the #¤%#¤ laptop! :smiley:

Don’t think so, been there already… Thanks though. Different laptop, less restrictive, cleared the issue.