NETMF 4.2 in the uni (cerb code branch)

We ended up TEACHING a class in the uni last weel, to our big surprise the students did not know anything about programming, from 15 one had seen VBA in excel 5 years ago. And we had 6 hour classroom workshop. !!

well it it end up rather well, pretty much all students did make a few C# app, ok modifying our examples mostly

1 LED blinky > LED morse SOS sender
2 R/C servo demo app modification to change the motor movement in time

students had fun too, some of them wanted more, HOW CAN I TEST my code… we did not have enough units for all of them, so mostly they worked in the emulator only some of them got the chance to check out their code on real hardware.

A BIG ISSUE what was scary was that I spend most of the time doing FLASH RECOVERY,
MFdeploy did somehow corrupt way too often the firmare

We are now working on more classroom examples


Uni? What is that?

…versity :wink:

Ahhh… gotcha. Is that what all the kids are calling it these days? :wink:

Sounds very exciting

well despite the fact the none of the student had any programming experience or electronics experience, they got excited as well…

writing something
and seeing it TODO something on something other than the PC… WAU !!!


USB client driver still needs a bit of work?

YES, something seems to be funky with USB, we do not know yet where the problem is.
I was under heavy pressure and maybe was doing some stupidity, but it seemed that some boards did not get back alive even after DFU recovery.

For sure lots of time firmware was not responding to MFdeploy PING
in all cases USB was enumerating, but not responding to ping…


+1, after debugging once or twice on the cerb I have to reflash the firmware. in MFDeploy FEZ Cerberus_Gadgeteer shows up in the USB enumerations but pinging results in “No response from the device”

I find I have to reflash if I have a tight loop in the main or other thread on the Cerb40. Debugger doesn’t get a chance to take over?