Netduino's on SFE

Very interesting, netduino’s got listed on sparkfun today. Hopefully GHI will get the Panda up there for $35 too, and/or possibly an “openpanda” that runs the open source netmf.

Yep, looks like it has started to attract attention, too. Look at the comments

Yup, looks like 4 have sold in the last 12hrs. Not sure how the domino is going to fair against it on sfe considering on the surface it only really seems to have a faster processor (from looking at the sfe listing, we know it’s much more than that) but is twice the price.

Speaking of SF, did you guys see the Modkit GPE?


Cool concept, if it were adapted for FEZ, would that make it FEZ^2?

Well the domino also has the on-board SD (good), and the UEXT connector, plus the extra UART. And USB host.

It’s not an apples-to-apples comparison.

However, for your new/general user it’ll be more about the price I think.

Mak and I talked about the ModKit thing. We are thinking of making our own version, a VS plugin for.

Chris is there also some project finished where you are working on? :smiley:
Every half a week you start a new project :smiley:

(no offense, just joking)

I have 3 projects in semi finished states. If you go up to Maker Faire, you’ll see them.

If you buy me a flight ticket, I will come and visit you :smiley:

You have to have lots of projects for this sort of thing Foekie - it’s a hobby. You’re meant to have a room full of unfinished projects. As long as you’re having fun half building them that’s all that matters!

It was no offense, as I said before, it was a joke.
I have some unfinished projects too (R.O.S.V.E.M. , FEZ PROTO, and some other stuff)

So much to do, such less time :frowning:

Spakfun already have pandas in stock but they are not on website yet but will be in short days

Very nice, Gus! More people in NETMF the better!

It looks like some early pre-orders will be delivered later than generic orders, then ???

But I imagine that the price won’t be that low :hand: In fact, I hope so…

Like we say in France : [italic]“On ne peut pas avoir le beurre, l’argent du beurre et le cul de la crémière”[/italic] :wink: I leave you translate this one :wink: