Netduino is Back

Wilderness labs have acquired the netduino brand. Speaking to the people in charge of Wilderness Labs, they seem to have some great ideas for netduino and NETMF. We look forward to seeing more from them.

What are your thoughts and hopes?

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Who is Wilderness Labs?.. My hope is that open source NETMF will make huge strides forward. But given that it seems that Wilderness Labs has no other products my expectations are very low.

Took a bit to figure out, since there’s no about page, but am I correct in the assessment that Wilderness Labs is the brainchild of Bryan Costanich? Looks like he is (or was) a VP at Xamarin, which explains the emphasis on Xamarin Studio and Mac.

I do think the Mac / Xamarin support is an interesting choice. Mac has never been my thing, but given that Arduino has long supported it, seems a reasonable move to provide parity with Windows in terms of support.

Interesting development, though I’m not planning to rush out and buy a bunch of new hardware…I still have plenty of boards that I can repurpose for TinyCLROS, once I find some free time. :slight_smile:

Xamarin Studio is a good addition, wonder if VScode will work too ??

Did they buy the legacy of Agent SmartWatch? :imp:

I have no Netduino, thanks anyway, For me too, Mac has no place, so I have no problem with VS as my platform. I guess I see the Arduino link (again, no Mac here, so care factor low :slight_smile: ) but I am not sure how the return might work out for that.

No, they are not involved with the Agent not-so-smart-watch.

that bit was rhetorical :slight_smile: Would anyone buy into that? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have 3 Netduino boards left over from that era. The hardware was very nice and costly, probably over engineered for a dev platform, I deployed over a dozen in the field about 5 years ago, thankfully I’ve never had a single come back with a customer. I’d hope that it adds back to the netmf community.