Netduino 3 pin in TinyClr.Pins

Is it possible to add Netduino 3 pin in next version of TinyClr.Pins ? I know we can add it with code but I think it’s much easier if it is already in TinyClr Nuget package.

Can I ask why won’t you create and add this package? We need the community involved as much as possible for this to be the best it can be.

Perhaps I say a mistake, but I think it’s more easy to have all pins ‘centralized’ than to add a lot of package.
But we can debate of this. I think it could be very useful for community. If a package must be created, where is it easier to publish it ? Offline package or nuget package ?

On the core we are accepting pull requests. But on drivers that do on nuget I think it is easier for the community to work on that.

What does everyone think here?