.NET Micro Framework version 4.2

Hey Gus or anyone there a GHI,

Do you happen to know when we will be able to use .NET Micro Framework version 4.2? Why you ask? Well, in version 4.2, there is a new assembly called “Microsoft.SPOT.Security.PKCS11” where you can use Hash functions. and HashAlgorithmType Enumerations such as SHA1, SHA256…

Thanks in advance…look forward to hearing about this.



Whats the new A/D object model in 4.2? I can’t seem to find any info on that in the API reference.

Realy? Now is 23.05.2012… And Freamwork 4.2 not ported.

Hi Roman, so I guess you’ve ported netmf before? It’s worth keeping in mind that GHI are here to make sure they release a supported product, and if you look through some of the other threads there’s a release of some kind due this week.

We are actually early not late. Please see the official thread about the plan for netmf 4.2. It is a sticky in this forum.