.NET Micro Framework V4.3 SDK-R2-Beta

Visual Studio 2013 for you lot…


Gadgeteer shouldn’t be too far away


Since the firmware has not changed. Is it possible to use this in VS2013 and the latest GHI SDK (without Gadgeteer of course)

Hang on, we will get you everything you need in few weeks.

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:clap: Works for me :clap:

@ Justin - My kids loved to play with their Potato head toy when they were young. :wink:

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@ Architect - :slight_smile:

Works like a dream, even on my Cobra 1 + LCD …

… thanks for the link Mr. J.

Is that a potato head or a kiwi head?

@ ianlee74 - Kiwi fruit of course :smiley:

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Here the official blog post:

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VS 2014 must be close then :wink:

According to the name, it should have been released last year :wink:

what I’ve read it’s called Visual Studio 14 and it’s capable of doing a blinky app in plain .NetMF … more to come yet …

The internal version # of VS 2010 was 10
2012 was 11, 2013 should have been V12.
By this the next VS should have the internal number 13, doesn’t it?

sure makes sense, and sometimes …


Cool … I was just trying to install the current SDK on VS2013 and got an exception stating that only VS2012 was supported. And I was like “Are you kidding me?”
So I thought… let’s search the forum first… thankfully I did and I found your reaction.
I’ll be waiting in my nerd cave for this update!! :clap:

@ ardonjr: I did a mini glide test project in plain netmf and it deployed and worked perfectly on a Cobra 1 and its connected LCD … in VS 2013 !!!

Yeah… the problem is that I have a Gadgeteer project which I created on my previous laptop (Windows 7 and VS2010)
Because the current Gadgeteer SDK won’t install on my new laptop (With Windows 8 and VS2013) the solution also won’t open stating an error that the solution isn’t supported as the Gadgeteer SDK isn’t installed.
But the Gadgeteer SDK can’t install… so I have some sort of chicken-egg issue there :wink:

well, I’ve got VS2010, VS2012 and VS2013 on one windows 8.1 64 bit machine and installed the latest GHI SDK (with Gadgeteer) on the same machine without a problem, it’s only a gadgeteer project won’t load in VS2013 with this nice little window mentioning it is not supported in VS 2013 … :wall:

So, I have to stick to plain netmf when I want to use VS 2013 with netmf …