.NET Micro Framework SDK version 4.2

When will .net micro 4.2 be supported…


Please search the forum before creating new thread. This was asked and anwsered several times already.

There is a sticky post with details.

It was asked several times because your search sucks… try using your search before telling me to use it… now try actually helping me and send me the link please.

It is the first sticky in the General Discussion forum

Rian - Please be patient.

The people on this forum, especially the guys from GHI, are very friendly and helpful. I think we all agree that it is hard to find something using the built-in search on this forum.

Most of us use Google with a search like this: 4.2 site:tinyclr.com

This will usually find you more relevant info than using the built-in search.

I replied from my phone so I do not have an easy way to give you a link and I never asked you to search. I said it is a sticky :slight_smile:

But to your unfriendly reply, I tried to search for “support netmf 4.2” and the answer was the forth reply down, titled “SUPPORT FOR NETMF 4.2”.

Still, if you didn’t find it, just ask for direct link and we will give you the link :slight_smile:

We look forward to helping you in future.

cool… thanks guys!