.NET MF on a Samsung Smartwatch?!

So, I was browsing the teardown of the Samsung Gear Live smartwatch on iFixIt and saw that the CPU is none other than a STM32F401 !! Almost identical to the Cerberus/Cerb-Family CPU. Probably just clocked at a faster speed. It also has External RAM and Flash.

Sooooo, wouldn’t it be easy to reflash this with .NET MF? Now, I understand, we’d need a few drivers, to drive the display and the Bluetooth, but hey! That’s way easier than trying to engineer a smartwatch of this capability and calibur from scratch! Am I right?

Update: here is a more direct link: Samsung Gear Live Teardown - iFixit

now to find the SWD pins :slight_smile:

Awesome !

@ Rajesh - Actually, I just realized that I am wrong. The main CPU is a Qualcomm SOC that is under the RAM. The STM32F401 is likely a secondary CPU that isn’t connected to all the cool sensors and the display. Oh well. :frowning:

I made the same mistake briefly.

I actually expect that it IS connected to all the cool sensors. My guess is that it samples stuff like the accelerometer and heart rate monitor so the main cpu can stay asleep. It definitely won’t be connected to the screen and probably not the radio either.