.Net Gadgeteer in Visual studio 2010 vs visual studio 2012


I am new to Gadgteer, so, I have two questions. One, I designed a board using visual stdio 2010 2 years ago, but, recently I updated the Firmware and reboot CLR, the board is not working any more and the display is white light, it does’nt show even the startup software as it should. Does the update cause in erasing the code from the main board?

Second question, I used serCam module on Visual Studio 2010, when I used 2012 I am not able to find other than Serial Camer L1 and Serial Camera L2? Also, I used the function (camera.SetImageSize(SerCam.Camera_Resolution.SIZE_QQVGA):wink: and it gives me an error says that Gadgeteer doesn’t contain SetImageSize function . Your advice please?

Last thing, if any one has an updated documentation, I would appreciate the sharing of that document.

Thanks so much

I believe vs2010 is no longer supported.
Vs 2013 is current recommendation.

What versions of the ms and ghost sdks do you have installed?

What version of MF firmware have you installed on hardware?

Have you updated your project to correspond to a later version of the sdks, assuming you upgraded the firmware.

Update which documentation?


I am using the v4.3 framework because that is the only version support Visual Studio 2012 but I am using on my project v4.2 as Target framework because I am using some Seeed’s modules and with v4.3 I couldnt use them.

The issue now I am not able to deploy my board, I received error message says “Deployment storage (size: 2662400 bytes) was not large enough to fit deployment assemblies (size: 5814976 bytes)”

Any idea? I also want to know if there is any way to use Seeed’s modules with the latest .Net frame work without any problem.


@ welmanna@ my.bridgeport.edu - What board are you using? Have you tried to load a simple program? Is your program very large?