.NET Gadgeteer Core 2.44.1100



  • NETMF 4.4 support
  • VS 2015 support [CodePlex #2805] (Express editions no longer supported to align with NETMF)


  • 4.3 WebServer responder bugfix [CodePlex #1861]
  • 4.3 Display module not using available width bugfix [CodePlex #2663]
  • 4.3 Inaccurate I2C exception message [CodePlex #2665]
  • Designer now supports multiple sockets with the same TypeLabel [CodePlex #2686]
  • Application template wizard remembers last used NETMF version per board
  • Builder templates failed to build when FullManufacturerName was outside codepage
  • Builder templates use full mainboard/module name in product names
  • Builder templates generate projects for selected NETMF versions only
  • New hardware template wizard

Sweet - i see it took the Poms at MSRC to release it rather than the mothership.

Cant wait for @ Bec a Fuel and @ godefroi to sing it’s praises :clap:

Surely, the almighty @ Gary can get everything upgraded for a Monday release? @ Gary, add that to your list! :wink:

GHI sdk release supporting vs2015 countdown…



6 ⅞…6 ⅝…6 ⅜…


A very, very good news !!!

Don’t forget the compiler patch!

@ mcalsyn - you got it :wink:


Gadgeteer is alive and doing very well thank you, and has future plans that are nothing short of kick butt excellent. I was a very happy guy coming home last week from Redmond.

Cool, I need to reinstall everything on my new Surface Book ( :slight_smile: ) so I shall wait.

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? ? ? :think:

@ Gus … we want it next week ! :slight_smile:

@ ppatierno - I want it last week but the team has one last bug to fix. It maybe possible for next week. Fingers crossed.


So looking forward to this!!!

Gadgeteer’s praises? Uh, it’s, uh, great for those who need yet more abstraction than NETMF provides, and those for whom a visual designer is a prerequisite. And those for whom soldering is scary.

Me, I like soldering, I like code, and I dislike abstraction. I am definitely NOT in Gadgeteer’s target market. I do like that it’s finally out, though, since it, to some extent, drives GHI’s SDK releases.

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No idea what Bill was on about, but yes, MSR had to help with the VS2015 support. There were some complications. I really appreciate them doing the legwork here.



Hi, is there any other place to download it?, Codeplex download section is not working. Thanks

@mcalsyn are you able to move everything to GitHub?

Yes, we will be posting the full source on github shortly. And “shortly” means the next 2-3 weeks because I am required to do a ‘sanitizing’ sweep of the code (correcting copyright notices, etc) and because this is not core to my day job at Microsoft, so I need to do it in my off time. My best guess is 2-3 weeks from now I will be able to announce that the repo is open.