.NET Gadgeteer at CMAP Code Camp

A quick heads up for any folks who live in (or will be visiting next weekend) the DC area…Pete Brown and I are doing a session at the upcoming CMAP Code Camp (http://www.cmap-online.org/CodeCamp/) in Columbia, MD on .NET Gadgeteer and the .NET Micro Framework.

The event is next Saturday, Nov. 12th…the schedule is in the process of being updated, but the session will be in the afternoon.

Would be great to meet any local folks from the TinyCLR community in person, if you’re in the area.

Exciting. I wish I can join :frowning:

I’ll be in the DC area the following weekend for a wedding. I REALLY wish your code camp was that weekend so I’d have an excuse… :wink:


Sorry to miss you both. I have a feeling this won’t be the last time I’ll be presenting on Gadgeteer locally, so if folks are interested, I can continue to provide a heads-up here when the talks are scheduled.

For folks who are also interested in broader hardware stuff, I’m presenting in Charlottesville, VA (Charlottesville .NET UG) on the 17th on developing for the Kinect for Windows SDK.

2nd eBlock kit, plus some additional goodies, just showed up in the mail, so I figured I’d pack it all up in my newly-acquired gear box and take a pic…all the parts fit nicely in the box, but I’m not sure how worried I should be about static…keeping the components in their static bags (at least those that came in anti-static bags) would be kind of a pain.


LOL, if i didn’t look close enough, i thought you were preparing for a fishing weekend :smiley:

Heh…nope. Just realized that fishing components out of little baggies over and over was going to get old, and given the number of eblocks I was picking up, had no room in the original Spider starter kit box.

Now to finish up my demos for this weekend. :slight_smile:

I use various tackle boxes for component storage and have never had an issue with static. I do use a grounding pad on my bench, though, so this does not imply tackle boxes are ESD safe ;). The clear single layer ones with adjustable compartment sizes usually used for flies and fly tying supplies are sweet - don’t need to open them to see what’s in there.

I see that being the “fun box” :slight_smile:

Maybe we should start a new thread… But, I’d be interested in seeing what others are doing for storing all sorts of things. I’ve been thinking about getting organized for a year now… Resistor/capacitors/components storage? Anyone come up with any really great solutions you want to share?

@ devhammer

Very nice, but no room for a sandwich? :slight_smile:

@ ian

I’m struggling with that a bit myself. I’m torn between using those little component drawer things like you saw on the wall in my picture, versus a really wide/shallow drawer with a lot of dividers (think like a used map or blueprint drawer)

I’m heading over to Harbor freight in the next week to see what they have. I’m not a fan of patronizing them, but for storage…


[quote]Very nice, but no room for a sandwich?[/quote] Good one! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


This how we store parts at work.

New thread started, FYI:


What kind of camera did you use Mike? It is very crisp.

IPhone 4S. My newest toy :smiley:

Got mine last week. Love it

I’m happy to report that the Gadgeteer session at CMAP Code Camp was well-attended (40 or so people), and well-received.

Pete and I had such a great time presenting together that we’re doing another session on Gadgeteer on the 30th at a local user group in Baltimore.

The session was recorded, and as soon as it’s available for viewing or download somewhere, I’ll post a link.

Thanks again for all the support from this community! It is on your shoulders that we were able to succeed as well as we did.

This is great news. I will not sleep tonight waiting for the video :slight_smile:

Congratulations! I am so busy on Saturdays, otherwise I would’ve been there. Only 4 hours driving. :frowning: