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Need to start SPI project with FEZ RAPTOR


I am new with this. (but not new in electronics)

I need to create a project with SPI bus.
I read all the material, tutorial, but I need an actual project to start with.
Couldn’t make a SLN to deploy with the right definitions

I have connected correctly SPI client on X3 connector.

Please advice,
How can I find a reference project that is made with the gadgeteer and I can start changing it for my purposes


#2 is a good starting reference. What kind of issue are you hitting?


I am having trouble to start a project to match to the FEZ raptor which defines pins of SPI1 in X3 connector and transmit 8 bit of data continuously.

In the reference that you attached- no FEZ Raptor is mentioned .
So the project / SLN can be deployed.




Here is an example statement that I use on my CerbuinoBee

SPI.Configuration config = new SPI.Configuration((Cpu.Pin)FEZCerbuino.Pin.Gadgeteer.Socket1.Pin6,
            false, // Chip Select, active-low
            1, // 1 millisecond setup time
            1, // 1 millisecond hold time
            true, // Clock low on idle
            true, // Data valid on falling edge
            5000, // 5Mhz Clock Rate
SPI spiPort = new SPI(config);

Depending on which SPI.SPI_module you are using the chip select (which in my case is FEZCerbuino.Pin.Gadgeteer.Socket1.Pin6) will vary.


@ Mr. John Smith -

You create an SPI configuration called ‘config’ but when you go to create your spiPort you point to an SPI configuration called ‘spiConfig’. Might want to fix that so that there is no confusion. ;D



Right, thanks