Need help with a couple of quirks with Visual Studio

Hey there,

I’m currently walking through a lot of the tutorials for TinyCLROS with he new SC20100S development board, and have run into an issue with the graphics demo that I’ve been stuck on for quite some time.

As far as I can tell, my development environment is set up how the preface requires, although I could be mistaken.

I’m getting two errors, the first one is in the GetConnectionSettings method of the ST7735 controller driver, in which the second argument is supposed to be a GPIO pin, however Visual Studio is rationalizing the appropriate pin (this is the exact code that was on the site) to an int. The pin is technically constructed as an int, however, I’m not quite sure what the problem is here, as it is also of the type GpioPin.

My second issue is strictly something I’m likely not understanding about how Visual Studio project flow works, as when the code attempts to reference the properties object, I get an error thrown that Properties does not exist in the current context, and this is after that I’ve changed the namespace flag at the top to match “TinyCLRApplication2” in my case is the project name.

I’ve included screenshots of both errors below, and advice is much appreciated. Cheers.

We are changing pins from int to gpio object. I guessing the change was done but the docs was not updated. We will fix on Monday

Good to know I wasn’t going crazy! Glad to hear about the change. Any suggestion for the properties issue?

Can you show that line of code? As I think its off the screen? Only line 24 and 34 visable?


Here’s the line that’s causing trouble. The error that’s thrown here is ‘Properties’ does not exist in the current context

Here’s my namespace declaration at the top


And here’s my solution explorer
As you can see, the project name is the same as the namespace, and additionally I’ve added that resource object in the bottom that contains a font and a JPG as described in this tutorial Graphics under the SC20100S Dev Board Code sample. Besides changing the namespace, all the rest of the code is copied straight from the tutorial.

The code expects to find the resource file in the Properties Folder. You need to add a resource file and resources through the application properties dialog.resources