Need Help. USBizi found

I installed this soft in my fez_domino and after My PC cant find USBizi. heeelp please, also i cant update firmware.
what can i do? :(:(:(:frowning:
i tryed also different PC installed everything needed but nothing

Do not use fezterm. Please use the exact instructions found in tutorial and in video

Step 1 is to always update your firmware - you really need to do that first. As Gus says, follow the numerous instructions for this.

Get TeraTerm from this site, and make sure you have the latest GHI SDK installed on your PC (according to my Readme file, this is SDK Version 1.0.11 dated October 15, 2010.)

You also never told us if your Domino worked before or not, or if this application was responsible for making it not work? With an older firmware, I can understand why it would have this problem since FezTerm uses something added only in this last SDK update.