Need ehelp with FEZ Ultimate Kit and FEZ Panda

So my dad got me this FEZ Ultimate Kit, and i assembled te peices together, and i am stuck at a point which should not be a big problem. How do you load the .cs files onto the FEZ Panda II? It only lets me load .HEX files. Also, in the FEZ Config, there is no support for the FEZ Panda II, so i cant upgrade firmware. Somebody help?

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We have not sold this kit in years! Did you have it sorting a side for so long?

You can start with the legacy package

@ Gus - My dad got this thing at some conference like a few months ago so i guess it may be outdated.

Hi Harchint, welcome to the forum and the world of Fez !

Panda 2 is an awesome platform, so you’ll enjoy it once we get past the first few hurdles. It only runs Framework 4.1 so you need to do a bit more on the setup.

First up, visit

If you’re using VS2012, get the 4.3 (RTM) SDK that’s listed
If you’re using VS2010, get the 4.2 (QFE2) SDK that’s listed

then install the SDK.

If you’ve already done that, great, no need to do it again.

Then download and install the 4.2 Framework SDK from GHI - again if you’ve already done this you don’t need to do it again.

Then, download the 4.1 SDK from GHI, listed under “Legacy” on the support page, or use Rajesh’s link.

You’ll then need to look at the USBizi firmware update process,

There’s a link to TeraTerm on that page, but it is wrong. (Note to Gus/GHI !!) URL should be

Get it and install it, and then step through the instructions to deploy the latest USBizi 4.1 SDK. Feel free to pop back here and ask questions if you get stuck !

@ Brett - How do i use the Up, Select, and Down buttons? I’m sorry i am kinda new to this.

Um, they’re buttons. But I’m not sure what document you’re reading since the buttons you want are LDR and RESET.

@ Brett - bad link fixed, thanks!